Q&A with the eComm Insider Chanel Devetter, Head of lifecycle marketing at MuteSix

  • 26 August 2022
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Q&A with the eComm Insider Chanel Devetter, Head of lifecycle marketing at MuteSix
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MuteSix is an award-winning, full-funnel performance marketing agency creating value for DTC brands and one of Yotpo’s top-performing parents. Chanel Devetter, Head of lifecycle marketing at MuteSix, took part in the first episode of our new series “eComm Insiders” and shared why brands need to double down on retention to impact their bottom line. 


Check some highlights from her conversation with Sara Pereda, Senior Partner Manager at Yotpo.


Q: Why do brands need to double down on the relationships they build with their current customer base?

A: Uncertain economic times and the threat of recession means brands have to become more sensitive to customer spending and need to pivot strategies to focus on providing more value in every interaction with their existing customer base.


Q: Have shifts in privacy regulations made acquisition efforts even more tricky?

A: Acquisition costs have gone up, so it’s harder to acquire new customers in a time of economic downturn because people are less likely to try new brands. The brands that are winning are focusing on retention and driving repeat purchases through personalization and loyalty experiences.

Segmentation should be your top priority. Inbox providers have become more strict in 2022 with privacy updates and iOS15. Making sure you’re sending the right messaging, to the right people, at the right time is more critical than ever in this privacy-centric time.




Q: Have your clients leveraged loyalty programs to collect customer data to create better customer experiences?

A: An eCommerce brand is only as good as its data, and leveraging loyalty helps build relationships. For example, if you’re a brand and just asked me for my birthday - you’re asking me to fill out a form and give personal information about myself - why would I feel inclined to do it? 

But if you're a brand I shop with, and you tell me I’ll get additional reward points that I can use towards a future purchase or for a gift, I feel better about giving you that information. 


Q: How are you seeing your brands use SMS marketing?

A: The ROI on SMS is incredible, and it’s the strongest channel for creating personalized experiences, especially when used with a loyalty program. Working with Yotpo SMS & Loyalty ensures that every touch point in the customer lifecycle is personalized.

A hot tip for building your SMS subscriber list is if you encourage loyal members to sign up for SMS for a reward or share perks via text, it helps boost subscriber collection.




💡 Curious to learn more from Chanel? Watch the complete “eComm insiders” episode here! 

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