SMS Feature List

SMS Feature List
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SMS Feature List

Engage your shoppers with high-converting mobile experiences



Usage Features

  • Campaigns & Automations
    Automatically engage customers with welcome messages, abandoned cart reminders, post-purchase cross-sells, and more
  • Flow Builder
    Use triggered messages for every step of the customer journey. Choose from a library of 40+ SMS flows and tailor them to fit your brand voice
  • Chat Two-Way Conversation
    Use the in-app SMS chat to interact with shoppers in real time. Integrate with your help desk to streamline support and boost customer engagement
  • Full Suite of SMS Subscribers Tools
    Maximize subscriber growth with 8+ tools such as pop-ups, checkout opt-in, social opt-in, QR codes and keywords (first keyword free, additional keywords are $10 each)
  • On-Demand Messaging Templates Library
    Launch personalized SMS messages around key marketing dates, sales, product launches, and more in just a few clicks


Other Features

  • Full Integrations Suite
    Connect with the rest of your tech stack including growth tools, email service providers, and helpdesks
  • Advanced Analytics (Campaigns, Subscribers, etc.)
    Optimize SMS performance with downloadable reports and analytics dashboards on every message
  • A/B Testing
    A/B test any campaign or flow for the highest chance of conversion
  • Timezone Messages
    Set your timezone according to the location of your business to schedule messages for all time zones accurately
  • Customizable Revenue Attribution & Tracking
    Fully configurable attribution windows, including last view and last click, give you control over how you track results
  • Custom Short URL
    Further credibility with your business name included in any links within your messages
  • Shopify POS
    Collect subscribers directly from your brick-and-mortar stores with our Shopify POS integration!

Services & Support

  • Dedicated SMS Strategist
    Strategists review performance trends and provide ongoing optimizations and best practices to help drive maximum ROI


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