Yotpo Product Updates | Latest innovations and new features

Yotpo Product Updates | Latest innovations and new features
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Dive into our latest product updates and be inspired to level up your retention strategy! 🚀


In this edition of Yotpo Product Updates, you will learn all about: 

  • How to proactively engage with customers by creating back-in-stock segments based on subscribers that have opted-in to back-in-stock flows. 

  • Hand-pick customer or site reviews to showcase in your email campaigns to boost conversion with social proof with Customer Reviews Block.

  • How to use the Reviews Content Library to save frequently used elements to repurpose in future emails, and access a gallery of top-converting email blocks for inspiration.

  • Automate Click-to-Redeem within relevant flows to drive more redemptions for eligible customers & watch CVR and Loyalty ROI skyrocket.

  • Understand the impact of SMS & email Flows on your Loyalty program with a birds eye view directly in your SMS dashboard.

  • New subscription selling type - Prepaid that allows shoppers to pay in advance and get their deliveries in the desired frequency.

⬇️ Get all details below, and don’t hesitate to ask your questions in the comments section!

[SMS] Back-in-Stock: Segmentation


Create and segment campaigns based on back-in-stock subscribers for proactive engagement, follow-ups, and cross-product sales:

⭐️ Remind anyone that received the BIS flow, but didn’t purchase.

⭐️ Give BIS subscribers a sneak peak into when items of interest will be available again.

⭐️ Launching a new product in the same collection? Reach out to subscribers that are already interested based on their BIS opt-in.

Activate for your store: Segments > Customer Behavior > Subscribed to Back-in-Stock

Example of how to use it: Market to Early-Bird Shoppers 

While not driven by discounts and sales, early birds will give anything for a smooth shopping experience, a quick checkout process, and relevant product recommendations. They’d be excited to join your SMS & email program if that would mean getting timely notifications about new product drops, back-in-stock alerts, and an early pass to your collections.

Master the Early-Bird communication, get pop-up and SMS examples you can play around with here:


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[Reviews] Customer Reviews Block




Showcase your most relevant customer reviews to boost every campaign with trusted recommendations directly from the customer themselves:

⭐️Social proof in email campaigns.

⭐️ Finally, cherry-pick your reviews.

Activate for your store: Simply click & drag in the email editor

Example of how to use it: Chaser Brand & Pureline Nutrition have enabled this feature. You can reach out to our Community member @philliams for more information, or get in touch with us for more details. 

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[Reviews] + [SMS] Content Library




Save and re-use elements in Saved Content, or explore the Content Gallery to find a library full of eye-catching, pre-built email block designs:

⭐️ Ease of campaign creation.

⭐️ Design inspiration & templates.

Activate for your store: Simply click & drag in the email editor or hover over to save.

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[SMS] + [Loyalty] Click-to-Redeem for All Flows



Seamlessly enable higher conversion metrics with automated engagements while expediting the path to redemption for Loyalty members:

⭐️ Increase redemptions in an automated way.

⭐️ Tailored and automated Loyalty engagement.

⭐️ 5-10x increase in daily redemption rate with click-to-redeem.

Activate for your store: CSM to help HT brands enable properly

Example of how to use it: 




All customers need to do is click the link and confirm payment at checkout. This seamless experience will reduce the customer’s time and improve your repeat purchase rate.

“As we go through this time with higher acquisition costs, having loyalty and SMS so closely tied together within the same platform has been a substantial advantage in helping us with retention.” – Gian Singh, eCommerce Director at PSD Underwear


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[SMS] + [Loyalty] Loyalty Metrics in SMS Dashboard






A holistic picture of Yotpo’s synergy impact across SMS and Loyalty with unified data:

⭐ It’s one thing for us to share the importance of leveraging our synergies to provide personalized experiences and tailored engagements, but it’s a whole other level to show them the impact of these efforts.

⭐️ Increase multi-product program stickiness. 

Activate for your store: Automatically appears for SMS and Loyalty brands with enabled flows

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[Subscriptions] New Subscription Selling Type: Prepaid




Allow shoppers to make a single payment upfront for products that will be delivered on a repeat basis:
⭐️ Lock in revenue in advance and forecast inventory. 

Activate for your store: Contact us for more details.

Example of how to use it: Check it out on Klever Beauty Box’s and Caffee Vita’s stores. You can also reach out to our Community member @sgriffin for some insights. 

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