Yotpo Retention Insights | November edition

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Hope you are doing well and gearing up for the holiday season! We’re back with the second CSM Roundup email that is intended to notify you of Yotpo’s newest releases, updates and case studies. Notable updates are below:

Delivery-based Automatic Review Request Trigger (Shopify customers only)

With today’s unpredictable supply chains, make sure you send review requests at the right time after your product has been delivered. This helps capitalize on the excitement of a new purchase while also giving your customers enough time to provide you with a thoughtful review.

  • To get started, make sure you’re sending your delivery status in Shopify via your delivery carrier.

Adobe Commerce Cloud (Magento customers only)

For any Yotpo customers on Magento, Yotpo's new version extension is now available on Marketplace. The new Reviews version extension includes:

  • Automated catalog sync capabilities - this is no longer a manual process! Manage and sync your catalog without leaving Magento
  • Group up to 1000 products (rather than only 300)
  • Trigger Automatic Reviews Request based on fulfillment date rather than the order creation date
  • Canceled/Returned orders will not trigger an Automatic Reviews Request
  • Out of the box Yotpo SMS Product for Magento - add Yotpo SMS with no additional installation or dev work as it will also support SMS connectivity

Google Dashboard

Our Product Team enhanced the user interface of our Google Shopping Dashboard with the intent to give our customers insight into when Yotpo sent the last feed of product reviews to Google.

  • The dashboard also gives a breakdown of Google requirements for stars to showcase on Google Shopping ads and instructions on how to set up and connect the product feed
  • Help Center Article linked here

Facebook and Instagram Syndication

Do you currently have an Instagram Shop or Facebook Shop and want to show social proof? We can help!

  • Showcase social proof with stars and reviews on your Instagram/Facebook Shop just in time for holiday shopping
  • Requirements: Facebook Checkout must be enabled
  • Help Center Article linked here

Holiday Sale Ideas

  • Adjust the body text in your Automatic Review Request emails to mention your holiday deals to help drive recent purchasers back to site
    • Example: “Be sure to come back to site to check out our Black Friday Cyber Monday sales and stock up for the holiday season!”
  • Use our Reviews Carousel to highlight the top products you are promoting during your sale
    • Feature specific reviews on your homepage to direct customers to product pages Guide linked here
    • Customize the carousel content and look/feel ✎ here before adding the code to your website

Case Studies:

From LoyaltyLion to Yotpo: Makesy’s B2B Community Motivates Loyalty & Sales: Makesy turned to Yotpo to create a loyalty experience that entices shoppers and resonates with their day-to-day needs.

  • After offering more engaging rewards, Makesy’s loyalty program participation increased to 16%, 4x the industry standard.
  • Makesy Perks alone drives 20x ROI.

Jane Iredale Boosts Reviews by 112% and Loyalty by 60% with Yotpo: Moving to Yotpo Reviews provided Jane Iredale more flexibility with data integration and better customization for an enhanced customer experience.

  • Jane Iredale’s loyalty points redemption increased by 60% compared to when they were using their previous provider.
  • Jane Iredale’s review volume increased by 112% after launching with Yotpo.

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