Excluding Recent Loyalty Redemptions in Klaviyo Flow: Seeking Solutions

I need to exclude loyalty members who've recently redeemed their points within the last 30 days from a Klaviyo flow. I'm having trouble identifying these members using available metrics. I attempted to create a Yotpo segment to pinpoint them, but it seems I can't sync segments from Yotpo to Klaviyo. Any assistance is greatly appreciated!


Best answer by lstack 16 October 2023, 16:14

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Thanks for reaching out, @jenny mine - I’m in touch with our Loyalty team. We’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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According to our team @jenny mine , you are on the right track. Once you’ve created the segment in Yotpo, you’ll need to export and then import to Klaviyo. Would you like help from our support team on this? LMK and i can connect you.