HUGE Thank You from the SVP of Product

HUGE Thank You from the SVP of Product
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Hello everyone, my name is Ron Netzerel and I’m the SVP of Products here at Yotpo. It feels incredible to have finally introduced you to our new retention marketing platform! This is something the Yotpo team has been dreaming up and working on for a while now and we’re so excited we finally get to share it with you. 


I hope you enjoyed tuning in live for our Retain Forward updates as much as we enjoyed presenting them to you. We shared over 60+ releases and updates across all of our product lines and the Yotpo Platform, so I wanted to share a quick recap. 

First and foremost, we made some really exciting updates to our platform, starting with the Retention Dashboard (click here to join the waitlist!) and the Flows Center

These features are really important as they not only allow our brands to analyze their retention from a birds-eye view; but also understand how each segment is performing and easily launch experiences and campaigns that keep their customers coming back.

But we didn’t stop there. We also made some pretty amazing updates to our products as well. Some of our customer’s favorites include: 

Plus so many more. Our product team is working on an ambitious mission: to build one platform of connected solutions. It’s our goal to make sure that we not only create experiences that excite your customers -- but experiences that simplify YOUR workload too. 


That’s where you come in: We want to hear from you!


Don’t be shy! Join our product betas and reach out to us with feedback, ideas, questions and pain points. You are what pushes us to be better and fuels our ideas and innovations. 

If you have thoughts to share, provide that feedback to your client success manager & support. Let them know you’d like to be a design and beta partner, or send them an idea, or get active here, in our online community. Our product managers (and me!) are waiting to hear from you. 

Drop a comment below ⬇️ to let us know your thoughts! 

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Thank you so much, Ron! Really excited for the future of the Yotpo Product, especially for our Community members here.

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Amazing event! So many great new features, I can’t wait to see what the future holds. 

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Thank you Ron!! I'm really excited about all the amazing things going on here at Yotpo. It's incredible to witness so many brands actively joining us as real design partners, working together to shape the future of our products!